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Termos e Condições

Terms and Conditions of Use.

1- The Electronic Ticket is personal and non-transferable, so any misuse of it is the customer's full responsibility;

2- The duplication or resale of the Electronic Ticket prevents free access to the enclosure, a fact that the Ticket Custom Café is alien and exempt from any responsibility;

3- It is the customer's responsibility to always confirm the data on the confirmation page and keep the printed ticket to collect it at our ticket office in the enclosure to exchange it for the final ticket;

4- The Electronic Ticket is valid upon presentation of the identification document, if requested by room attendants;

5- There are no exchanges and / or refunds of the purchase made online, except in the event that the event undergoes any change to the planned or is canceled;

6- If you want an invoice, ask at the time of purchase online and / or at the Ticket Office in the enclosure.

Politica Privacidade

Privacy and security policy

Custom Circus- Associação Cultural, the entity responsible for operating this website, takes the privacy and protection of data registered by its users seriously.

The website of the Ticket Office “Custom Café” ensures to its users, privacy and security in the data provided for the various services available, with only the necessary data being requested and collected for the provision of the service according to the explicit indications on the website and the options of the user. If requested, the data subject has the right to obtain access, rectification or deletion of the data provided.

Next, we present the information handling practices we have adopted for the Ticket Café Custom Café website, including how the information is collected, how it is used and with whom it is shared.

We assume the following commitments for users of the Ticket Café Custom Café website:

  • Proceed with data processing in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the information necessary and pertinent to the purpose for which they are intended;

  • Allow the data subject to access and correct the information he / she has registered, transmitting it in clear and rigorous language;

  • Do not use the data collected for purposes incompatible with the collection;

  • Ensure the express consent of the data subject whenever this is required;

  • Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the data used when required by the holder;

  • Have security systems that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of data by an unauthorized person to do so and that allow the detection of intentional or unintentional information deviations;

  • Respect professional secrecy regarding the data processed;

  • Do not interconnect personal data, unless legally authorized or authorized by CNPD. For more information, see the CNPD website ( ).

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